If you need to relocate, or just fancy a change of scenery, Crystal Properties are uniquely positioned to offer you a professional, friendly and expedient service.  Our agents will use their expert knowledge of local markets to make the process of finding your perfect new property as stress-free as possible.

Whilst a tenant of Crystal Properties managed rentals, you can expect a friendly team of Estate Management professionals to be available, should you have any questions or need to contact us for any reason.  It is this level of personalised service that separates Crystal Properties from our competitors.

Please read our simple guide to the procedure of renting with Crystal Properties:

Selecting the Right Property for YOU

Browse the properties on our site, or come into one of our offices for a chat and we’ll ensure that you’re matched with a property that meets your needs and fits your circumstances.  No matter what your financial position or housing requirements, at Crystal Properties we pride ourselves in being able to find the perfect house or flat for you.  We have a uniquely personal approach to the application process, so as soon as we’ve decided on the right property for you we’ll talk you through each step until you receive the keys to your new home.  We endeavour to keep the application stage as short as possible, so Crystal Properties will fill in all documentation on your behalf and in some cases, we may not even require references.  As soon as all the required checks are complete, all you need do is sign your new tenancy agreement.  Unlike most other estate agents, we do not charge for our administrative functions and the application process is conducted completely free of charge.


Crystal Properties try to be as flexible and accommodating as possible when finding you a new home, so even if your financial history is not great, we still may be able to help you by asking for a guarantor.  The guarantor will be required to fill out an application form and sign the deed of guarantee, taking full legal and financial responsibility, should you fail to pay the rent during your tenancy.  This is particularly helpful for student tenants or the self-employed.

Reserving a property

In cases where the property you have selected is in a high demand area, or has multiple interested parties, it may be prudent to place an advanced holding deposit.  This allows the landlord to give precedence to your application and remove the property from any advertised listings.  The holding deposit is also favourably viewed by landlords as a statement of genuine intent from the prospective tenant and gives a high level of confidence in your application.  We will advise you during the application process whether we feel this step is necessary and what level of deposit is required.


The degree of referencing required by Crystal Properties will depend entirely on the requirements imposed by the landlord.  In some cases, landlord’s may require full and comprehensive references, comprising testimony from an employer, former landlords or a character reference, alongside copies of your current bank statement, pay slips or relevant benefits award documentation.  However, there are also instances where the landlord will take a more lenient approach to referencing and may simply request a short interview with the prospective tenant.  Crystal Properties will advise you as to the referencing requirements for the particular property you have selected supporting and guiding you through the process and advising you, where applicable, of any relating fees.  In all cases, regardless of property type, Crystal Properties will require a copy of an ID proof, such as passport or driving licence, together with your National Insurance number.

Restrictions To The Property

Landlords may typically restrict properties from being let on the following grounds:

  • Smokers
  • Housing Benefit
  • Pets
  • Students

Contact Crystal Properties and we will discuss any and all restrictions that may apply.

Tenants Content Insurance

Every tenant that we represent is personally responsible for insuring their own possessions whilst occupying a Crystal Properties residence.  Landlord’s insurance WILL NOT cover tenant’s items.  To make the process of insuring your possessions AND covering you against accidental damage of the landlord’s belongings, Crystal Properties offers a bespoke Tenants Contents Insurance Policy.  This product is designed to provide security and complete cover for all your valuable items from the very outset of your tenancy.  Please ask about the availability of this service while your tenancy is being finalised.

Tenancy Deposit Scheme

All security deposits that Crystal Properties request, regardless of their magnitude, will be held in a bonded account or deposit protection scheme according to government regulation.  This measure ensures that your deposit is protected during and after the term of your tenancy, with Crystal Properties providing mediation between landlord and tenant, should deductions from your deposit be asserted.

The amount of deposit and rental advance applicable will depend entirely on the requirements of the particular landlord.  Crystal Properties will endeavour to make this as flexible a requirement as possible, making allowance for your specific circumstance.  However, in some instances, the deposit and rental advance may be non-negotiable and will therefore be strictly enforced.

Completion And Check In

Once any and all referencing material is returned and accepted, we will advise you of an appropriately convenient appointment time for you to visit our offices, sign your new Tenancy Agreement, accept the Categorised Inventory and in most cases, collect the keys for your chosen property.  This represents the final stage of the application process.  Enjoy your new home!


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